About Fred.

Hello and welcome. My name is Fred, and I'll be your server this evening.


I'm a graduate of Ball State University, where I majored in Telecommunications (video production) with a minor Sociology.

Motivated by the need for stimulation, inspiration, and representation, as I child, I've always fought to design my own sense of a personal nirvana. Art, Photography, and Film, although very important pillars in my kingdom, are not as strong as the elements and principles that proceed them. The small details are what truly create an ethereal experience for the mind. Stimulation is the force that motivates me to watch, listen, and create content that people not only want to share, but to be involved in.

My goal is to take elements from a Sociological perspective and combine them with multimedia elements to create something that satisfies a diverse palate. With photography, video, and overall creative direction, I strive to connect to a wider audience throughout all institutions of society.

Things I'd Die Without

Coffee/The Golden Girls Reruns/Tumblr/Boxed Wine/Netflix/80's Freestyle Music/Candy Crush/Oxygen

Things I'm Good At   

Managing social media platforms

Developing and implementing social media strategies

Collaborating with digital content producers 

Producing, writing, & editing digital content

Solving technical, logistical, and creative problems

Making the perfect PB&J

Doing the Moonwalk


Be my friend.